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2018 Secure Erie Accelerator Companies


Kwema connects women in physical danger with immediate hep through a safety wearable as a service. They have developed the smallest customizable safety wearable on the market and their system integrates a mobile application that will contact family members/friends informing them that you are in danger. 



Weathercheck is a service that specializes in telling insureds when to file claims that they otherwise wouldn't have known existed, helping them leverage their P&C insurance. They monitor properties via a dashboard and send email and SMS notifications when conditions have been met that meet the insurance companies adjusting criteria. 



CityGrows is the first self-service workflow and transparency platform that brings local government operations online. With this solution, government employees and constituents use the CityGrows platform to successfully and efficiently complete government operations (permits, licenses, payments and workflows) digitally. 


Smart Drivinc

SmartDriv Inc. is focused on redefining the connected car services through IoT and AI-based solutions. In order to combat traffic fatalities due to smartphone usage, they have designed a tamper-resistant IoT device that is installed on windshield that pairs with the users smartphone. The device disables all risky features on the phone when the car is in motion. 


Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 12.03.26

Rebric leverages their knowledge of infrastructure architecture and automation to help companies apply machine learning on huge data sets. They solve the problem of data scientists crashing infrastructure instead of doing data analysis. 


Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 12.02.43

SimpleSense uses sensors to monitor human presence in a room or building for analytics and for the direct benefit of first responders. They leverage smart routing to spots or points of interest as well as sensor fusion and intelligence algorithms to reduce response time and improve actionable situational awareness. 



Myriad Data Solutions uses RAID technology to remove risks for regulated institutions to move to the cloud. They take and apply trusted technology in order to mitigate vendor risks from security or service failures. 


INFRA uses new technology to automate mandatory vulnerability assessments in lieu of human analysts manually conducting them. This is achieved by a unique hardware solution that does all the vulnerability assessment without the need for human analysts. 



Jauntin has designed a SaaS platform for carriers to distribute on demand micro-insurance and are working with major carriers in Canada and now in the U.S. This platform allows policyholders to turn insurance on/off quickly and easily, that also tracks usage and mobile data, such as geo location and health data. 


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