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2019 Secure Erie Accelerator Companies


NGEMS is a hospital asset tracking service that believes the efficiencies created by real-time location systems should be available to all hospitals and clinics. Their service reduces search times by 90%, which increases nurse productivity and patient care. Furthermore, their service optimizes the use of available equipment with an estimated 55% increase in utilization and a 40% reduction in equipment loss.


Vita Inclinata Technologies

Vita Inclinata Technologies provides operational safety through a stand-alone capability. The Load Stability System or “LSS” as it’s known, is an independent unmanned system capable of controlling the motion of all types of suspended loads – helicopters, oil rigs, construction cranes, ski lifts and more. The purpose is to stabilize the movement providing full control, faster and safer operations including search and rescue.

United Aircraft Technologies

United Aircraft Technologies provides a smart aircraft solution to improve fuel economy, easy maintenance, and increase safety for the aerospace industry. UAT's technology cuts installation time in half, saving maintenance costs on the ground and minimizing health risks. Their product saves an average in fuel of $32 - $170 per hour in the air due to weight reduction.

FindParts.Aero is an aviation sourcing solution – an aircraft spare parts marketplace. It is the world’s fourth largest Part Finder & MRO Finder Database.


MintM provides application that enables businesses to reach their target consumers using powerful, visual sales and marketing tools for more effective implementation to drive returns, impacting the growth of your business. The software has been leveraged by leading names and brands around the country.


Fletch App

FletchApp is an effortless time and attendance technology for enterprises like businesses and universities seeking to manage attendance or time sheets. Fletch is a technology that automatically takes attendance by simply detecting the presence of phones with their application. Without anyone lifting a finger, FletchApp records attendance and automatically notifies regarding absentee patterns.


Mimirium is a firm that encrypts the personal data generated on smartphones in the blockchain and enables the user to sell that data back to organizations that are looking to use the information for marketing purposes. The data is completely anonymous when it is sold to an organization.


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