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S.E.A Overview 

The Secure Erie Accelerator, SEA, acting in partnership with the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnerships, seeks the best of the best companies and startups working in the general technology arena.


COVID-19 has brought to light gaps and challenges that have lingered in established industries. The Secure Erie Accelerator is looking for teams and companies that will help the world emerge from this current situation stronger and better before. While any strong business will be considered for investment, additional weight will be given to teams that are addressing the changing needs of businesses and in the workforce brought to light by the pandemic. 

The Secure Erie Accelerator will give you access to our expert faculty, proven innovation tools and methods, and a vast network of industry experts and entrepreneurs to provide mentorship and access to funding. We’re looking for bold new thinking to devise great solutions that can bring us the cities of tomorrow, today. 

Applications are open for our 2020 accelerator. Begin the application process below. The application period closes on July 31st, 2020.

Program Details

The eight-week initiative will be a virtual/on-site hybrid program that will launch September 7th and conclude with a Demo Day on October 30th during Erie Homecoming: Erie's Economic Evolution -- an event hosted by the Erie Regional Chamber. The accelerator can fund through three types of investments:

  • Equity – Either through a warrant or straight equity deal

  • Mixed – Either through a SAFE Note or a Convertible Note

  • Debt – Low-interest loans


This unique program will deliver:

  • Mind-expanding content and workshops inspired by Ray Kurzweil, Peter Diamandis, and Salim Ismail, covering such topics as future forecasting, rapid prototyping, business fundamentals, and funding

  • Tailored sessions designed to help you integrate what you’ve learned and a chance to engage with key experts hand-selected in advance based on your specific needs (think of this as a board meeting on steroids!)

  • Unparalleled access to our investor network of the who’s who of Silicon Valley

  • $25,000 in seed funding to give you runway throughout the program

  • Co-working space

Note to International Companies

The Secure Erie Accelerator can only benefit you if you want to expand into the US market. In order for us to work with your venture, you must have a US parent corporation (either now or by the time you start the program). This does not mean you need to relocate to the U.S. You can run operations from any country, and a lot of our companies are based in other countries, in fact.


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