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What is a "Smart City"?

Smart cities seamlessly integrate information and communication technologies with the Internet of Things (IoT) to increase efficiency, reduce costs and enhance communications between networks. Doing so enables cities to leverage their technology to create a more cohesive environment across multiple public services, including public safety, transportation and resource management.  

What is a Secure Smart City?

With information and communication technologies integrated into a consolidated platform, smart city infrastructure poses unique security challenges. A Secure Smart City™ is designed with security in mind to protect against IoT security threats and vulnerabilities, safeguarding the city's operations, citizen's privacy and public safety.

How will this benefit Erie?

As EID leads the way on designing safe, secure and resilient solutions for Erie, citizens can expect improved quality of life. In addition, by establishing Erie as a model Secure Smart City - one that efficiently manages resources and invests in infrastructure and human and social capital - the EID will drive sustainable development in a safe and secure connected environment. 

As a Secure Smart City pilot, Erie and EID will: 

  • Bridge the 'digital divide' through broadband Wi-Fi throughout the city 

  • Enhance safety and security of our citizens throughout the city 

  • Offer a test market and city for the creation and evaluation of cyber/IoT solutions 

When will Erie begin to experience these benefits?

The EID - along with partners Quantela, Velocity Network and others - has already begun to plan and implement the cyber solutions for the Secure Smart City™ pilot. After executing two pilot solutions on a smaller scale in Erie, the EID will operate, maintain and test solutions to the initial city-wide rollout of services and infrastructure.

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