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Oasis Market Grand Opening

The bitter cold Erie wind blows snowflakes in your eyes like a sandstorm. The temperature is dangerously extreme, forcing you to drop to your knees in several feet of snow.

A building’s façade becomes visible in the distance. Squinting, you see a sign that reads “Oasis Market, open year-round.”

The Oasis Market is Erie’s only year-round indoor food market, that serves as a small business incubator and a food education site. Its name is fitting, given that the Oasis Market resides in one of the city’s seven food deserts, which is where citizens do not have access to a grocery store within one mile of walking distance.

Filling this food desert gap, The Oasis Market held its grand opening today on February 28th, 2019. The Erie Innovation District attended this grand opening ceremony to browse Erie’s local flavors.

In attendance was Mayor Schember, Erie News Now, and a large crowd that included many locals living in the apartment buildings nearby.

One such resident commented that he feels safe knowing his money is going to a good place and supporting local growers.

Later, there was a ceremonial Ribbon cutting ceremony with Mayor Schember, and co-founders Faith Kindig and Jonathan D’Silva, who promptly encouraged all customers to immediately start shopping and sell out the local vendors.

There were products such as Organic Native Blue Pancake Mix from Frankferd Farms, Hot Pepper Mustard made by Byler’s Relish House, donuts delivered by Jack Frost Donuts, a large fresh produce stand, and much more.

The Oasis Market’s success was only after multiple postponed openings including June of 2018, and January of 2019.

The delays were made after several repairs needed to be done on the building, and a never-ending stream of code compliances had to be conducted. However, co-founder Faith Kindig replied that this has worked to their advantage, as now they now have several projects ready to launch instead of slowly rolling them out after their initial opening date in summer of 2018.

This included a gallery night on February 27th featuring local artists, photographers, and musicians.

Ms. Kindig and Mr. D’Silva are fully committed to strengthening the local flavors in Erie County by building a healthier community, building a regional food system, and fueling Erie’s economic growth.

Prices for renting spaces start as low as $30 a day. Any food and non-food (clothing, arts, crafts) are able to rent space and reach the Erie community directly.

This is just one example of how Erie is stronger working together. Divided, the great people and ideas seem to be struggling for air. But with the correct foundation and support, Erie has proven itself time and time again to be an innovative location.

The Oasis can be found downtown at 914 State Street, Erie PA 16501.

Their Number is (814)-449-6509, or they can be messaged on their Facebook Page.

Parties interested in selling at the Oasis can contact

Be sure to check out their website for daily updates at “”

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