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Kwema Wins Silicon Labs Award at International Pitch Competition at SXSW

Secure Erie Accelerator graduate Kwema is making the most of their time in Austin, TX during the South by Southwest event.

Ali Al Jabry, Co-Founder and COO of Kwema, participated in an international pitch competition in which Kwema received a "Technical Merit" award from Silicon Labs. Kwema is just one of many startup companies who have flocked to Austin for the SXSW event.

"Out of 50 companies who participated in the pitch competition - we ended up top 5 and receiving the one and only award from Silicon Labs. We are also on a fast track for investment, looking at $500k in additional raise," Co-Founder & COO, Ali Jabry said. "This has been an exciting event for us."

For more updates regarding the developments in Austin and beyond, follow Kwema's Twitter account below:

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